5 Facts We Learned About Madison Beer During Our Live Chat

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Madison Beer_Unbreakable_Sequoia BlodgettYesterday, we hosted a live q&a with Madison Beer on our Facebook page and allowed the iMADginers (her loyal fans) to ask her anything and everything. Though we knew Madison was cool and supremely talented before our live chat, we had no idea how down to earth and approachable she is. Her love for her fans and gratitude for the opportunity to live out her dream is so palpable that it adds to her already magnetic personality.

If you missed our chat for whatever reason, have no fear! Here are five things we learned about Madison Beer in our live chat yesterday.

1. She Loves The Piano



We already knew that she could sing, but Madison is also “obsessed with the piano” and loves to practice it during her free time. Fingers crossed for a piano solo in her next single!

2. She's A Normal 15-Year-Old

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Her steady ride to the top hasn't transformed her into a ego maniac. When one of her fans asked her about her favorite things to do she answered with “sing, dance, piano, and watch funny Youtube videos.” Anyone who has been sucked into the Youtube trap can relate to her.

3. She Loves Her Fans

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It's a given that any singer loves her fans, but Madison was extremely gracious when asked to describe her iMADginers writing, “caring, hilarious, devoted, and beautiful” as well as “so amazing and supportive”. She obvious cares about her fans input, even asked her fans for album name suggestions!

4. She's Adorably Living Her Dream

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She charmingly declared that the recording studio is her favorite place in the entire world and the she's so fortunate to be living her dream job as a singing right now and wouldn't change it for a thing.

5. She Can't Give You Justin Bieber's Number


Sorry to all the Beliebers out there, but unfortunately Madison can't give you the Biebe's number. Try, Selena Gomez maybe?

I'm personally preparing myself for Madison Beer to blow up this year. When her new single comes out, I have a feeling that she'll be on her way to becoming a household name. Until then, keeping watching her “Unbreakable” video and debate whether 20 is too old to be an iMADginer.