Catch Up With Mad Men Before Season 7 With This Two-Minute Series Recap

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Mad Men season 1 episode 1 GIF of Jon Hamm as Don DraperOkay, so I have good news, I have bad news, and I have better news. The good news is, Mad Men is returning soon, while the bad news is that it isn't soon enough — the show won't be back until April 13th. But the better news is that with almost two months between now and then, you have plenty of time to catch up before the seven season gets here.

And in case that embarrassment of riches wasn't enough to make your day, the friendly folk over at AMC want to do just that, with a two-minute recap of everything that Don Draper has been up to to this point. You know, in case you're the type of person who can't remember every single detail of the first six seasons of Mad Men, but don't want to spend your time watching them all over again before you get into the new season. (I can't be the only person like that, right?)

Anyway, it starts completely from the beginning with Don, when he's first at Sterling Cooper and married to January Jones, so even if all you know is that Don drinks a lot and is played by Jon Hamm, you'll still be able to get on board.

And it's not just helpful to newbies either — so much has happened in the last few seasons that it's easy to forget little old details like every single aspect of Don's life falling apart right now. Remember? His marriage to Megan is completely doomed, his daughter hates him after walking in on him mid-affair, and he's been asked to take a leave of absence from the new firm after revealing his life history to a client.

Basically there's a whole lot going down, but don't let it overwhelm you! Because I have a feeling this is but the first of many little character-based recaps that AMC will release before Mad Men returns on Sunday, April 13th, at 10/9c.

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