Mad Men Season Premiere Photos: We’re Almost Out Of The ’60s, And I’m Weirded Out

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Mad Men Megan Don Season 6 still

Mad Men premieres its sixth season this Sunday, April 7, at 9 PM on AMC, but we're getting an early look at the episode through some new pictures. And I gotta tell you, they're weirding me out a little bit. Mostly because the characters are wearing clothes that point to an impending decade called the '70s.

Mad Men takes place in the 1960s. The pilot took place in 1960 and it's been in the 1960s ever since. But we're at the end of the decade. Since season 7 has been announced as the series' final season, there's a good chance the show will end in 1969 and we'll never see Don Draper and company in the 1970s. I would actually like them to end the series at 11:59 PM on December 31, 1969, cutting to black like The Sopranos. There was already a That '70s Show. Mad Men might as well be called That '60s Show.

One of my favorite parts of watching Mad Men is seeing the fashion, and few things fascinate me more than witnessing how what people are wearing can help you identify what time period they're in. But something about the characters' fashions moving into an entirely new decade freaks me out a little bit.

I mean, just look at Megan's (Jessica Pare) floppy hat and psychedelic blouse. And those round white sunglasses. What is that about?!

Mad Men Megan season 6 still

And what is this, Don Draper? Put your crisp gray suit and skinny tie back on! Jon Hamm, are you wearing more patterns to better hide your penis?

Mad Men Don Draper season 6 still

And what is this Mary Tyler Moore look on Joan (Christina Hendricks)? And no signature pen necklace? Why have you disappointed me so?

Mad Men Joan season 6 still

And don't even get me started on everything going on in the picture below. A double-breasted jacket on Roger (John Slattery)? What's with the patterned ties? Where are the sleek solids? And oh my lord the side burns. The last thing Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser)needs is side burns. Don seems to be clinging to the 1960s here. Solids. Angular pocket square. Perhaps some kind of comment on him still clinging to his secret past? Everything on Mad Men is a metaphor!

Mad Men Roger Don Pete season 6 still

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to accept the fictional passage of time, just like I was forced to accept the passage of real time when I saw the pictures from the Girl Meets World set.

One thing's certain, however, from these photos. Smoking and drinking is still all the rage.

(Images: AMC, via ScreenCrush)