Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner Puts The Conspiracy Theories To Rest…Or Does He?

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Mad Men Megan Draper 2013

For the past few weeks, Mad Men fans have been buzzing with conspiracy theories about characters dying soon or even already being dead. It all started when Megan Draper (Jessica Paré) was shown in the same T-shirt worn by actress Sharon Tate in a famous (NSFW-ish) photograph. Because Tate was murdered by followers of Charles Manson, conspiracy theorists predicted that Megan would face a similar end. Then, after AMC aired an episode in which Don Draper (Jon Hamm) almost drowns in a pool and hallucinates hippie Megan, theorists began to wonder if either Megan or Don were already dead.

Because the show is so secretive about even the teensiest-weensiest spoilers (Have you seen those episode previews?), it seemed like we'd just have to wait and see if these theories came to fruition — although there was a major distraction last week when poor Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) had quite the traumatizing experience. But surprise! The show's creator himself, Matthew Weiner, is putting those conspiracy theories to rest. At an L.A. Times round table, Weiner was asked to comment on the theories, and he explained that we can all put away our bulletin boards and red string … for now. Weiner said outright, “It’s just not part of the show. No one’s going to die.” But but but! When Jessica Paré exclaimed “Thank God!” Weiner was sure to add, “This season. I didn't say never.”

Of course, this won't be enough to keep the conspiracy theorists down, since there's still plenty to analyze in his words. The A.V. Club jokes that this must mean all the characters are already dead. Plus, the fact that Weiner specified that no one's dying this season leaves season 7 open for theorizing. And since Tate's murder didn't happen until 1969 and we're still in 1968, could Megan's demise wait until next season?

Maybe not, since Weiner explains that the T-shirt choice had nothing to do with murder or foreshadowing of any kind.

“Yes, Sharon Tate wore that T-shirt, but that was just my costume designer Janie Bryant and I solving an argument,” Weiner said. “Women's T-shirts had not come into fashion. I always wanted Megan in a Disneyland T-shirt and Janie kept saying, ‘They're not around yet.' So I said, ‘There's got to be a women's T-shirt,' and Janie brought [the photo of Tate] in and asked, ‘Is this OK?' And I said, ‘Yes. I want that exact T-shirt.' Little did I know …”

Sigh. It was kind of fun playing Tom Hanks to Matthew Weiner's Da Vinci, but I guess since this show has gone six seasons without any kind of supernatural plot line, it makes sense that it wouldn't start now… or would it? Dun dun duuun.

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