The Mad Men Cast Of The 1960s Gets Rickrolled With An ’80s Song That Became A Meme In The ’00s

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In short, YouTube user Buchan39 has compiled footage from seasons 1-4 of Mad Men to enact two memes—having TV characters “sing” a song, and having that song be “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. And while both jokes are fairly played out by now, it's still worth watching, to applaud Buchan39's skill and to appreciate this song that came back into our lives for a reason.

Technically, no one's being rickrolled since you know going in what you're clicking. But Buchan39 smartly utilized all of the show's party footage to accompany the instrumental breaks; and the editing is great, especially in the bridge with “never gonna give / never gonna give / give you uuuup.” Plus, it is pretty fun to see influences from three different eras combined, thanks to video editing and the power of the internet.

Actually, you know what? I would love to see Don Draper actually get rickrolled—like, he pulls up some cigarette or life insurance presentation and instead gets a video of Astley dancing. You know, like that video that mashed up the “Barack Roll” with John McCain‘s exasperated reaction? Do it, internet. I believe in you.

[via The A.V. Club]