Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Are Performing On SNL And This Is Why You Should Care

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be the musical act this weekend on Saturday Night Live. Now, I haven’t watched SNL in months, but there’s no way I’m missing this one. It's my official excuse to stay in this weekend (the whole weekend). So sorry in advance to anyone who plans on inviting me out to whatever bar/club/party you kids are going to these days, because I know this is gonna be good. Despite the fact they're very up-and-coming,  it seems like there are still people who know nothing about them. But that's all about to change because they are taking over in 2013.

You for sure know their song “Thrift Shop” by now. It’s the number 1 song in the country and has given all of us on a budget a way to feel like ballers. I used to be all



But now I’m like “I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got $20 in my pocket!” and it’s all so shameless.


But there’s more to this duo then funny songs about how ridiculous it is to spend shit tons of money on a white t- shirt just because it has a designer label on it. First off let’s clarify the fact that Macklemore is the rapper and Ryan Lewis is the producer. Got that? Macklemore can’t take all the credit for the album THE HEIST, which is why the album cover says “Macklemore and Ryan Lewis”. Okay, now that that is out of the way. Bet you didn't realize they’re completely independent. Their album The Heist was released under Macklemore’s label Macklemore LLC and still reached number 1 within hours of release without any mainstream promotion,  which is very impressive. However it's not surprising because true talent speaks for itself.

Macklemore met Ryan Lewis on MySpace way back in 2005. That's when they started to collaborate on mixtapes and get close. It's safe to say they were on each others Top 8 at this point.You know who else was on his top 8? His fiance whom he also met on MySpace. Yup he was working the social networking way back then.

Macklemore has been rapping since 2000, but his struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism for many years set his career back. Now he's been clean for almost four years and he's prepared to make up for lost time by changing the face of hip hop — and being anything but your stereotypical rapper. He and Ryan Lewis are making music about the issues we care about.

For example, did you know they’re pro- gay marriage rights?He wrote it about his two gay uncles and his godfather. If you haven’t heard the song “Same Love” yet, you are way behind the times. But that’s okay, because it’s right here for you.

Seriously a beautiful love story right? Like the kind that you hope will magically change the hard-hearted anti-marriage equality bigots into understanding and decent human beings. One can only dream.

Another fact? Macklemore is also a really big sports fan. He wrote the song “My oh my” in honor of the Mariners sports caster Dave Niehaus who died in 2010.  Another song, “Wings”,  is about Michael Jordan and how he idolized him as a child. The song attacks the materialism and consumerism that Jordan’s have instilled in kids and how tragic it is that kids are getting hurt and killed for them.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis both also really love their fans and they show their appreciation by throwing a pizza party every year. Fans enter a creativity contest and get to hang out and take pics with the guys all night.Which looks like so much fun that I can't help but be jealous (something I've been working on) but just look at them and tell me you aren't too!

 It sorta sucks for us non-creative types. I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to come up with something creative enough to enter. But that's alright, I’ll just have a private pizza party in my room with my cat and a bottle of wine while watching them perform on Saturday Night Live. Close enough.

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