In Case You’re Wondering What Macaulay Culkin Is Up To, He’s In A Band That Sings About Pizza

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Macaulay Culkin Pizza Underground photo

If you're anything like me, you spent last night half-watching Home Alone on AMC and then half-watching it again during the encore presentation. And you might have also wondered what the movie's star Macaulay Culkin is up to these days, being an adult and all. We've heard stories here and there about his post-child-star life, including his relationship with Mila Kunis, his rumored drug use and his weird art. And now apparently you can add “Velvet Underground cover band that sings about pizza” to that list.

That's right. Macaulay is now in a band called Pizza Underground. I promise you I am not kidding about this, even though it sounds like a game of '90s nostalgia mad libs. Just look at him in the group photo up there. For a second I thought the girl on the left was Mara Wilson and got really excited that the band was completely made up of former child stars, but my hopes and dreams were dashed.

Pizza Underground, which formed in February 2012 before Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed passed away this October, sings covers of Underground songs and makes them all about pizza. According to The Huffington Post, they've played in New York and their songs include “I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice,” “Waiting for the Delivery Man” and “Pizza Day.” I'm not sure if Macaulay, who plays “percussion/kazoo/vocals,” will only sing about cheese pizza or if any of the lyrics include the line “Keep the change, you filthy animal.” But that would be great. If you're interested, you can listen to their demo — which was recorded at Macaulay's house — below, and buy it on their website.

As strange and silly as this is, it makes me happy for Macaulay. What could be more fun than singing about pizza? Well, cheeseburgers might be more fun, but that's just personal preference. You do you, Macaulay, and in the meantime I'll sit back and watch you take on the wet bandits fifteen times this holiday season. While eating pizza. Is anyone else really craving pizza right now?

(Image: Tumblr)