Macaulay Culkin Finally Embraces His Child Star Past By Losing Shocking Amounts Of Weight

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Great news guys! Macaulay Culkin, the '90s favorite child star and the '00s favorite whatever-happened-to star, finally read his child star memo on “how to get headlines after you lose your looks.” His scandal of choice? Losing so much weight that tabloids have no choice but to call him gaunt and possibly ill.

It's a smart move on his part because extreme weight loss can generate so many hypothetical headlines : terminal illness, eating disorder, drug addiction or the 20/20 news story of the year, a combo of all three!

The 31-year-old M.C debuted his new look yesterday on the streets of New York City, causing widespread speculation from all media outlets that his weight loss signified impending death. Journalists must have been champing at the bit in hopes that one of the photos would reveal a heroin factory in his pocket. Or at the very least a black market juice cleanse.

His rep tells ET that “Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health,” which naturally only leads to more speculation. Where there's a rep statement, there's likely a widespread cover-up.

Or he just lost weight.

But this is a kid who grew up in Hollywood with the Dina Lohan of stage fathers. His childhood memories were made for E! True Hollywood Story. There's no way he just lost weight, right? But I guess we'll have to wait for his tell all interview with Diane Sawyer to find out the truth.

What do YOU think? Is the media overreacting to his weight loss or do you think Kevin McCallister finally went down the dark former–child-star path?