Macaulay Culkin Attends Natalie Portman’s Wedding; In Other News, Heroin Addicts Can Do Things

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This past weekend, Natalie Portman married Frenchy dancing dreamboat Benjamin Millepied in a small, friends and family type ceremony in Big Sur, California. Her longtime friend Macaulay Culkin attended “amid rumors that he is a heroin addict,” prompting many tabloids to run with the story like it has some kind of significance to his addiction narrative.

Here's the thing, though: it doesn't. Other than signifying he's not dead yet, Culkin attending a friend's wedding tells us absolutely nothing about his current status as a drug addict (assuming he is a drug addict). I think a lot of people have the misconception that junkies spend all their time slumped over in alleyways with needles sticking out of their arms, but as someone who has personally been close with several recovering addicts, I can tell you that the vast majority do not. Drug addicts hold down jobs, have friends and family, and yes, go to weddings, just like everyone else. They can be pretty damn good at hiding their addictions, unless you know what tell tale signs to look for. You could be sitting next to one right now and not even know it.

Which is all to say, you should probably try to be a bit nicer when talking about drug addiction, because you don't know who might be listening. And also, of course, we have no way of knowing what's going on with Macaulay Culkin's life just because he went to a wedding, or even if he starts working again or looking better. That said, I hope he gets better soon.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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