Lupita Nyong’o Got Stood Up At Prom, Apparently That Is Something That Is Possible

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Lupita Nyong o Got Stood Up at Prom  Apparently That Is Something That Is Possible Lupita Nyongo Seth Meyers March 2016 jpg

Last night Lupita Nyong’o was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and she discussed the time she asked a guy to go to prom with her. It apparently didn’t go so well, which really makes me wonder what hope there is for the rest of us. Lupita says the guy stood her up, because I guess standing up Lupita Nyong’o is a thing that’s possible for people to do? I didn’t think any human was actually capable of doing it. Like flying or breathing underwater. But this guy did it, so maybe we should put him in the record books.

Lupita suggests a few possible mistakes on her part which could have caused the situation, which she really shouldn’t do because SHE’S LUPITA NYONG’O. She first explains that she didn’t exactly talk to the boy very much before asking him to go with her. She also mentions that she designed her own dress (like Pretty in Pink!) for the occasion and told the boy which colors he should match. She’s like, “I think it scared him because I was going to wear red and yellow. Maybe he didn’t have a red suit.”

Who cares? If Lupita Nyong’o asks you to prom, you figure out a way to match her. You find something red and yellow and you wear it, dammit. Although, Lupita explains that this was the first prom her school had ever had, as prom was “a very foreign concept at that point, when I was in Kenya.” She expected to meet her date there, but maybe he got confused about the rules and thought she was going to pick him up. Oh no, what if he waited for her all night? WHAT IF HE’S STILL WAITING FOR HER NOW? I know I would, wouldn’t you?