Oh Y’Know, Just Video Of Lupita Nyong’o Holding A Cobra For A Vogue Photo Shoot

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Oh Y Know  Just Video Of Lupita Nyong o Holding A Cobra For A Vogue Photo Shoot Lupita Nyongo staring down a cobra for Vogues July 2014 issue 640x434 jpgDo you like nightmares? I’m hoping so, because Lupita Nyong’o and I are about to give you one. Free of charge, on the house! Step right up for your complimentary snake-based nightmare!

Lupita was on the July 2014 cover of Vogue, and as you may recall, one of the photos from that shoot has her staring down a cobra that’s coiled on the edge of a table. I’ll say that again, because I refuse to be the only person covered in involuntary shivers right now — making eye contact. with a cobra.

I figured that that photo had probably just been Photoshopped or spliced together from two separate photos so that my brain never had to contemplate being that close to a venomous snake, but apparently I was wrong! Not only did Lupita and that snake look at each other in the eyes, but they ACTUALLY HAD TO TOUCH SKINS.

How do I know that? Because Lupita had someone take a video of it and posted it to her Instagram yesterday:

Ohhhhh my god, my life. Guh. Just look at the terror in her eyes, on her face. Whatever photo this was supposed to be a rehearsal for, you can bet that it didn’t come out anywhere near like they were hoping it would. (Which is why it didn’t make it to the magazine!)

She does way better at staying calm than I would have, but there’s nothing usable about a picture of a wild-eyed Lupita clamping her jaw shut and trying to hold still for long enough for a photo to be taken. Just look at the way she dances away after! It’s killing me, just imagining the weight of a living, moving cobra on my shoulders. Ughhhh. Can’t handle it.

She looks beautiful, and this just reconfirms my belief that she’s an awesome, hilarious, professional human being, but I can almost guarantee you that I’ll be having a snake-themed nightmare this evening. *Shudder*

(Photo: Mikael Jansson for Vogue)