This Supercut Of News Anchors Mispronouncing Lupita Nyong’o Is Even More Embarrassing Than You Can Imagine

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Lupita Nyong'o photoshoot

Elegant Lupita facepalm

Yesterday People magazine announced that their 2014 Most Beautiful title will go to Lupita Nyong'o. Obviously plenty of news outlets reported the news. The only problem was that a lot of news anchors tasked with delivering that information still haven't grasped how to pronounce Lupita's name — or just basic phonics, apparently. Jimmy Kimmel put a supercut together last night of the most wrong'o examples. (See what I did?)

This video is embarrassing. And when I say embarrassing, I mean really embarrassing. If you're thinking these anchors just pause and then proceed to get one syllable slightly off or add a clunky accent to it, you would be wrong. It's so much worse than that. And it's really pretty ridiculous. Not only has her name been everywhere in recent months, but it's also possible to look up the pronunciation online (Lupita even made a handy Instagram video to help). Plus, the way to pronounce it is actually not that different from how it looks.

I have two favorite moments in this video. The first is when one anchor questions the way she pronounced it, and the other anchor goes “I think it was close” and moves on. No time to clarify!!! Just say some sounds and hope they're right!!! The other moment is when another anchor just drops the last name altogether without batting an eye, because why bother even making an effort? Nobody else in Hollywood is named Lupita. Why doesn't she just go by one name instead of rudely making us sound out unfamiliar words? As Jimmy points out, it would have been great if John Travolta had been the one saying it. I think even he would look at this video and roll his eyes.

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