Isn’t It Great That Lupita Nyong’o Is A Safe Choice For People’s Most Beautiful?

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Lupita Nyong'o Marie Claire interview GIFEven though everyone I've talked to is super excited for Lupita Nyong‘o that she was named Peoples Most Beautiful Person this year, not a lot of people were very surprised. I mean think about it — Lupita was the obvious choice. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the film that won Best Picture this year, we've been jizzing over her outfits ever since she first set foot on the red carpet for awards season…and oh yeah, she's completely stunning. It was kind of a foregone conclusion that she'd win.

But can we all just take a second and recognize how great that is? Sometimes we get so caught up trying to educate on the many instances of ignorance and insensitivity and full-blown racism that we forget to rejoice in the little victories! Like the fact that we somehow casually arrived at a moment where a Mexican-Kenyan woman is considered the ‘safe' choice for People‘s Most Beautiful award. That's a really amazing thing when you think about it, and it's made all the more awesome by what a non-issue it was.

And don't get me wrong — I'm not trying to make it one. Lupita was chosen because she's a talented, successful, poised, beautiful actor, not because she's ‘a diverse choice', or whatever, which is honestly the best part about it.

The only reason I'm bring it up at all is because I just want to make sure we all celebrate these little milestones instead of breezing past them without taking note of the progress that's being made. Especially when it's coming from a magazine like People, whose sanity I so recently questioned when they named Adam Levine ‘Sexiest Man Alive' even though he's…not, there were many more braver choices out there, and the only person of color who's ever won that title is Denzel Washington in 1996, seventeen years ago.

That's still a very real issue, but it's important for me (and for all of us) to see the big picture and really take a second to realize how far we've come. Hurray for Lupita! You deserve every second of your recognition!

(Image: The Gloss)