Lupita Nyong’o’s Response To The Paparazzi Creeping On Her Will Make You Love Her Even More

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If you were concerned that Lupita Nyong’o had taken her Oscar and her People‘s Most Beautiful title and run out of our lives forever, she hasn’t. In fact, she’s been busy getting another It Girl rite of passage under her belt. Lupita’s in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival, and during a day at the beach, paparazzi photographed her in a bikini. Lupita took notice and commented on the photos on her Instagram. And she was her usual adorable, classy self while doing it.

First she posted her own photo (above) of herself lounging on the beach looking effortless. How can she pull off a hat like that? Who gave her permission to be so stylish? I should also ask who gave her permission to be so funny, too, based on the photo she then posted in response to the paparazzi creeping on her with a huge lens.

First of all, that just the cutest use of comic book sounds I’ve ever seen. Second of all, here’s what she captioned the photo: “The paparazzi: They got me good!!! #FirstPapStakeout #ZoomLensesSuitableForHorrorFilms.” I just think that’s such a great way to respond to the situation. She’s calling the paps out on the lengths they go to to get a photo of someone — especially when bikinis are involved — while taking it in good humor. And she still maintained her class and composure. No middle fingers or shouted insults or broken cameras. Just a little fun-poking.

Just when I think I’ve reached my limit on loving this lady, she goes and makes me love her more. I’m really tempted to go buy a floppy hat now in the hope that it will make me just a little bit as cool as her. Unfortunately a floppy hat won’t make me any closer to Hawaii. Eh, sand is gross anyway.

(Photos: Instagram)