If Lupita Nyong’o And Jared Leto Are Dating, Can We Make Them Have Babies Please?

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As a very recently married woman, I know how annoying it can be when people get all up in yo face about babies.  The ink has barely dried on my marriage license, but my friends and family are going through Wedding Withdrawal and already sending me Pinterest pics of fat babies in bonnets, so… yeah.  It's not okay.  Buuut if the rumors are true and Lupita Nyong'o *is* getting cozy with Jared Leto, Imma break my own rule and beg and plead ask them to have babies.  Like, now.

Two incredibly talented, hard-working, dedicated actors who both happen to have very beautiful physical features as well and probably spend their time together cuddling while discussing David Mamet essays?  Yeah, we're all gonna need you two to do us a solid and procreate.  If people like Charlie Sheen and Farrah Abraham are allowed to reproduce, well, then, so are Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto.  Preferably together.  The world is already chalk-full of mediocre looking people with average skills and talent.  We needeth no more.



These two have been eye-fucking all over awards season this year, and because I'm into that sort of thing it's gotten me all hot and bothered.  Page Six has already spotted them not only enjoying Fashion Week together (!!!!) but being super gorgeous together on an actual date.  If they're not willing to fulfill my ridiculous and inappropriate request just yet, then the least they could do is give us at home a few GIF-worthy moments at the Oscars in two weeks.