Luke & Lorelai Married on Twitter

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The New and Improved Lorelai GilmoreFor many months now, the world of Stars Hollow has been brought to life on Twitter. Some Gilmore Girls fans decided to adopt the personas of various Gilmore Girls characters, sending daily updates about their lives. The big happening this weekend – Luke & Lorelai were married (on Twitter)!

In this Twitter-based-fan-fiction, you could find the whole GG cast talking about the wedding between LukeDanes and LorelaiG by following this search: #lukeandlorelaiwedding. There were tweets that didn't make it into the hashtag, but if you follow the links from the search to everyone's Twitter profiles, you can read up some more.

What do you think of the daily updates on Twitter by Stars Hollow characters? Do you follow them?

Image: TheWB.com