Hey Guys, Let’s Not Write Off Luke, The Third Hemsworth Brother

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Luke Hemsworth in The Reckoning still

Not to be rude, but I think Luke Hemsworth‘s name should've been ‘Fluke' Hemsworth, because the pure fact of the world's scorn for him is an utter fluke. It's a fluke to be born into a family where your siblings are Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth, who are like the world's favorite hunks at this particular moment. It's a fluke that they're both not only devastatingly attractive, but also movie stars who can command huge salaries in successful franchises like The Hunger Games and The Avengers. In any other family, you'd be the star just by virtue of being ruggedly good looking and doing paid acting work, but because you're Fluke Hemsworth, when you sign onto the new movie The Reckoning, you set off a virtual avalanche of commentary. Phrases like the third Hemsworth brother, the forgotten Hemsworth, the lesser Hemsworth…these are flying around like hot Australian accents today, and it makes my heart hurt for the poor dear wallaby.

See, he's the oldest son, so he probably beat up his younger brothers when they were little, and was the coolest guy in the whole game room. He was probably dashing in a scruffy way and had dates and girlfriends way before Chris and Liam. (Actually I can guarantee he had a girlfriend before Liam, because that kid had a stretchy Gumby face until a lot later than you'd think, before it hardened into the kind of chiseled man meat that Miley Cyrus still wants to marry. Also he's a lot younger than Luke, but regardless. Keep listening.) So he went through his whole life feeling like a proper Hemsworth, only to reach adulthood and find out that the world is a cold place where he can only command headlines on account of his brothers. But I say no — this stops today. Even though I blatantly lured you in here with the same kind of headline that every other outlet is using, now that you're here you're gonna stay and hear about Luke's new project.

“The story revolves around a detective who discovers footage at a murder scene, shot by two teenagers, that provides clues to the identity of a killer. The teens have since gone missing, and as the detective retraces their journey, he soon uncovers a trail of deceit and murder that leads all the way back to him.”

There, was that so hard? Now everyone send at least one positive thought to Luke that has absolutely nothing to do with comparing him to Chris or Liam.

(Image: Cinema Blend)