Chris And Liam Hemsworth’s Master Plan Revealed: Bring Third Hemsworth Brother Luke To America And Conquer Hollywood

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Luke Hemsworth coming to Hollywood Chris Hemsworth Liam Hemsworth brothers NeighboursWe're used to our Hollywood families — the Baldwins, the Wilsons, etc. — but this is some Hollywood Immigration Ingenuity. The planets are finally aligning, and soon all three Hemsworth brothers will be covering the Crushable front page with their cute, sandy-haired Australian antics. First Chris Hemsworth popped up on our movie screens in 2009 in Star Trek; then he ushered in his younger brother Liam with The Hunger Games. Now that these two have reeled us in with their adorable baby impressions and surprise engagements, we'll do anything they say.

And they're cashing in on our adoring, unquestioning love by bringing over their oldest brother Luke Hemsworth. Deadline reports that Luke's professional immigration from Australia is only in the beginning stages: He signed with his brothers' management company a year ago and is getting scripts, but he hasn't planned his relocation since he has a wife and kids to move over. (Side note: Someone please protect all of the little Hemsworths from becoming the next Suri Cruises! We think with the proper training they can stay in the realm of Violet and Serafina Affleck.)

Earlier this year, Luke starred in the miniseries Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, which is basically an Australian Sons of Anarchy. I'm not sure which kinds of roles Luke will be trying for in the U.S., since based on The Avengers‘ success Chris has gotten cast in every lead role for the next few years. Or maybe they'll pull a Neighbours — the Australian soap on which all three have starred over the years — and start their own Hemsworth-populated show.

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