Luke Evans…Revealed!

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Luke Evans Revealed  4jut082 213x200 jpgThe name Luke Evans not ringing any bells for you? Understandable: most American audiences only know the Welsh actor for his role in Clash of the Titans and Robin Hood, which, lets face it, should tell you something about his current star status. But we’re putting money on the 31-year-old’s stock rising, and fast: He recently starred in Tamara Drewe with British hottie Dominic Cooper, and was just hand-picked to play the sidekick of John Cusack‘s Edgar Allen Poe in the upcoming thriller Raven. So before he gets too too famous, here are five things to know about the tousled-haired hottie.

1. He’s not Orlando Bloom:
Early on his career, fan girls were fawning all over him…but only because they thought he was Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom. (The comparison actually landed him a couple stunt-double positions.) Ironically, he’ll be starring in a remake of the Three Musketeers along with Bloom next year, which has lead to some problems while shooting. “If he’s not on set, the screaming crazy girl fans that surround our locations always think I’m Orlando.” Ouch.

2. He’s good at playing Greek Gods: In both Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Immortals directed by Tarsem (the dude behind The Fall), Luke takes on otherwordly roles, portraying Apollo and Zeus respectively. What is it about brawny Welsh guys and their thundering voices that make us want to peel them grapes and worship their feet in anointed oils?
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3. He played Roger in Rent:
Putting aside the fact that WTF was London’s reputable West End doing putting on a “Rent Remix” in 2007, this is AWESOME NEWS for me. And uh, other people who love musicals. Oh also, it was directed by Kylie Minogue. Sure, it looks totally non-Renty, but it’s adorable this is what British people think Manhattan LES bohemians looked like circa 1999. Plus, he can sing!

4. He’s got some hair on his chest…and elsewhere: After shooting in 22-karat gold body armor for Clash of the Titans, Luke told reporters that exhaustion was the least of his humiliation. The designers had to make casts for the costumes, from head to foot, which they eventually have to cut off you. “They also covered all the hairy bits in Nivea cream so it wouldn’t stick.” We’d like to be that Nivea cream right now.

5. The world is short one forensic pathologist: If Luke hadn’t gone into acting, he might have ended up on a real life CSI or Six Feet Under. “I used to read all the books and watch all the programmes! When I went for my work experience, they asked me what I wanted to do, and I said I wanted to work in a mortuary.” Creepy. And hot.