Baby Luca Cruz Comrie Looks Confused In His First Tweeted Family Portrait

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Hilary Duff family portrait baby Luca Mike Comrie

Since she gave birth to Luca Cruz Comrie less than a month ago, Hilary Duff has been acting like any young mother, tweeting photos of her adorable baby boy. And he is especially cute for a newborn! But right as we were getting worried that Luca was some sort of Hollywood experiment to make celebrity babies extra cute and grow up faster so as to put those good genes toward a new Disney show, we saw this normal-looking family portrait.

Hilary recently posted this photo to her Twitter, of her, husband Mike Comrie, and their son looking like a happy, slightly exhausted family. You can see some traces of tiredness on her face, likely from sleepless nights and the spin cycle classes she has to go to in order to get back her pre-baby body. (Though so far the tabloids have been pretty easygoing on the young mother, who's had body image issues in the past.)

But Luca just has a “wtf” expression on his face, like he doesn't understand why there's only one camera on them. Doesn't it look like his head is cocked to search for a paparazzi hiding in the bushes? He's got that celebrity instinct after only three weeks, smart little guy.

Not to worry—he'll have plenty of practice in twitpics to come.