Let’s Talk About How Cute Hilary Duff’s Baby Is Turning Out

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Well grow me an extra ovary and call me a mush because I'm obsessin' over Luca Comrie, Hilary Duff's one-month-old baby boy. Last night Hilary Duff tweeted out a photo of her son or her “monkey” as she apparently calls him. He's seriously cute. And not in a way that all babies are cute, but in a “I'm taking time out of my day trolling Tumblr to write a post because he's really cute” way.

Also, all babies are not cute. If you've seen more than 8 babies, you'd know that that logic's faulty. Some babies are ugly. Fetus-like, oddly-colored, lethargic, ill-mannered and poor conversationalists. Yes, they may change as they grow up. But at the 0 months – 12 months stage, not everyone's as equal as they say.

So sure, Luca may grow out of his cuteness. Or he may emerge as the dark horse and overtake all of the other cute babies currently posing on the playground and in the farmer's market for the tabloids. He could be the male Suri Cruise. But less intimidating. And less into cupcakes.

With big eyes like this, anything's possible. Let's just pray he doesn't lose his cuteness as he grows up. Yes pray, this is that important.