The Trailer For Love Actually 2 Is So Fun You’ll Forget To Be Disappointed It’s Not Real

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The Trailer For Love Actually 2 Is So Fun You ll Forget To Be Disappointed It s Not Real Keira Knightley in freeze frame of Love Actually 2 parody trailer jpgIf I told you there was a sequel to Love Actually, you’d probably pee your pants in excitement and break your arm elbowing me out of the way to crawl over my newly-dead body for a chance to get further up in line. That’s how much the world loves that movie.

So I won’t tell you that there’s a sequel coming out, because there isn’t and also because I don’t want to start a stampede. Not this close to Christmas. Not before I see my presents. What I will tell you is that there’s a parody trailer out there for Love Actually 2, created by a YouTube channel called Official Comedy, and since we can’t have the real thing, this is a pretty great sloppy second.

Since the movie had such a ridiculously all-star cast, the trailer catches up with them, essentially. Kind of a ‘where are they now’ situation, as if their lives have led them in different directions, but they’re still largely entwined. And since they do that by showing footage from other movies each actor has done that are hilariously different from Love Actually, the end result is pretty hilarious.

For example, Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson were in Harry Potter together, so we’re made to assume that their marriage from Love Actually deteriorated so badly that they both think they’re wizards now. And I’m pretty sure that Severus Snape stole Liam Neeson‘s kid, who also happens to be a greenseer roaming the hills of Game Of Thrones. But luckily Liam has a very particular set of skills, and he’s going to find him, and he’s going to kill him.

But perhaps the most tragic discovery of all? The former President of the United States, Billy Bob Thornton, is now working as a mall Santa. And not a particularly good one, at that. (Get it?!?!?!?!!?)