Louis Tomlinson Got A New Tattoo Suggesting He’s Not That Into One Direction

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Louis Tomlinson One Direction Take Me Home World Tour London February 2013Louis Tomlinson, one of the lesser members of One Direction who is not in possession of the rakish good looks of Zayn Malik or the womanizing charm of Harry Styles, has learned over time that he has to distinguish himself in other ways. One of those ways is by having the same hairstyle as Harry but a different face, and one of the other ones is by getting a shit ton of tattoos. (Nobody tell him that Harry does that as well, okay? It would only hurt him. So not one peep about that new butterfly monstrosity on his chest.) But anyway, as a part of these boys' ongoing effort to get publicity for something other than one of their members dating Taylor Swift, Louis just got some brand new ink done, and I can't wait for you to see it. It's two words, one on each ankle, spelling out ‘The Rogue'.

Louis Tomlinson One Direction ankle tattoo The RogueIn case you're not up on your Louis Tomlinson trivia (although if you're not, you should be ashamed of yourself — I make it a habit to memorize the details of even the lesser members of 1D), I'll let him explain himself exactly what the tattoo means:

“it's the name of the band I was in before One Direction.”

Innnnteresting. Very interesting, Louis. The picture was shared by his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, and has some people wondering if this new tattoo is an indicator that the boy bander is kinda over the whole One Direction thing. That said, he recently unveiled another tattoo of a teacup with the word ‘oops' written below it, which is rumored to be about a tribute to the band's song ‘Little Things', so maybe he's in it for the long haul. Bottom line, it's hard to tell what these boys are thinking when they'll just scrawl any old thing on their bodies. I hope someday soon they invent notepaper in England. It's great for recording memories, and it's much less painful to write on than human skin.

(Image: Carly Lemon / WENN.com)