The Trailer For Louis CK’s New Stand-Up Special Is Utterly Perfect

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Still from Louis CK Oh My God standup special HBO trailerOh, Louis CK, you can do no wrong in my heart. Ever since I waited on you that one time at the restaurant I used to work at, I feel like we're best friends coming up in the comedy world together. Except I barely exist in the comedy world and you're already firmly and rightfully positioned a complete and total genius. So I guess technically when you weigh those against each other, they even out to ‘rising stars'. I'm comfortable with that. Anyway, Louie has an HBO stand-up special coming out on April 13th at 10:00pm, and he just released a trailer for it. Spoiler alert: it's just as glorious as everything else he does.

I don't know about you, but I personally can't wait to see the greatest comedy of the generation of blah blah ever to do a thing on a thing. I think this will be truly something something or whatever. I'm a pretty big fan of Louie making fun of himself, so I thin it's great he did a parody on other standup videos. He's got the suit he would never wear, the gold microphone, even the mic tricks, the flashing lightbulbs behind him and a long strut down some kind of catwalk and entering the stage to a screaming crowd. With all the requisite jet engine noises and serious-sounding voiceovers. You know it'll be funny because his name and the name of the special keep flashing on the screen. IT'S SCIENCE.

But, as he says at the end, it's just gonna be him telling jokes to whoever shows up. So show up, why dontcha, cause this guy disappoints, like, never.