You’ll Agree With Louis CK Even When He Doesn’t Want To Get His Kids Christmas Gifts

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Louis CK on Jay Leno January 2014One of the funny things about Louis CK is that even when I think I disagree with his initial statement, by the time he's done explaining himself, I'm on his side. WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY.

Part of it is that he's a logical, reasonable individual who tends to think things through more intelligently than I do, but the rest is that he manages to do all that in a hilarious way. For example, when Louis went on The Tonight Show last night, he was explaining to Jay Leno how this past Christmas, the deadline was really coming down to the wire, and he still hadn't gotten his two daughters anything. And even though he knew he'd end up caving because he loves them so ‘helplessly', in his words, he indulged a fantasy wherein he didn't buy them anything. Not one single thing.

“They come down and there's just nothing. And they're like ‘what?,' and I'm like ‘yeah, there's nothing here girls.' And they're like ‘did Santa come?' ‘Well, if he did, he didn't leave anything. Not for you.'”

And Jay thinks he's doing a stand-up bit, because A. I don't think he totally gets Louis, and B. he's probably pretty checked out anyway, considering his only responsibilities these days are showing up for his shows and hijacking Jimmy Fallon‘s promo video for when he (theoretically, hopefully, ideally, unless something goes terribly, sabotage-level wrong) takes over for Jay next month. But anyway, Louis wasn't kidding, and he stands behind what he said.

“I actually do think that one Christmas with nothing would make them more generous, more cautious, and smarter people, so it would actually be good parenting to have one Christmas where you get nothing. But I can't do it. I can't do what's right for my kids.”

Ugh, Louis. You got me again, you logical Grinch! Now get on outta here and tell some kids there's no Tooth Fairy. We're all counting on you.