Louis CK Talks About The Time He Thought Jimmy Fallon Was Dead, Proves He Can Make Any Story Hilarious

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Louis CK Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show May 2014

Last night Louis CK went on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and told a story. That's usually what celebrity guests do on late-night talk shows. But this is Louis CK telling the story, and he's really good at that. I mean, that's what he does for a living, both through stand-up and on his show Louie. And yet every time I watch him tell a story, on his show or in his act or here, I'm amazed at how he can make the simplest things so hilarious. Like the time he thought Jimmy Fallon was dead… and admittedly wasn't that scared about it.

The gist is that the last time Louis was supposed to be on Jimmy's show it was canceled. Turns out it was because Jimmy had a baby, but Louis of course thought the worst had happened. That's partly because he's Louis CK and partly because the producer who talked to him sort of made the situation sound more ominous than he probably should have. Louis just has this way of delivering lines of dialogue and story information in this way of his where on paper it would just be mildly humorous, but when I watch him say it I'm laughing my ass off. Literally. I now need to go have it surgically reattached.

And of course Jimmy thinks it's a hilarious story as well, as evidenced by his giggles the whole way through. Granted, Jimmy Fallon giggles at just about everything. If laughter is the best medicine, that guy must be incredibly healthy. But he seems especially tickled by this story in particular. And wouldn't you be, if someone told you they thought you'd died and weren't that scared about it? I would, especially if that someone was Louis CK.