Louis CK Tells The End Of The American Hustle Ice Fishing Story, And Yes, It Involves Poop

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Louis CK on Jay Leno telling the end of the American Hustle ice fishing story January 2014I love Louis CK. Have I mentioned that yet today? I don't think I have, which is really a shame, because I really should be talking about it every day, just to get awareness up: I love Louis CK.

And not only do I love his stand-up and his show and the fact that he can talk me into agreeing with him even when he doesn't want to get his kids anything for Christmas, I also love his acting. I thought he was a genius on Parks And Rec, I loved him in Blue Jasmine, and I felt like he was a much-needed breath of fresh air in American Hustle.

I should admit that I am nowhere near as obsessed with that movie as most people (and critics!) seem to be, but I thought Louis CK was glorious as Bradley Cooper‘s boss, trying to instill a lesson in that tightly curled little head, via his ice-fishing story. Remember that? How he was trying to get through to him using a charming parable about two brothers on the ice? And he told it piece by piece through the whole movie, but we never got to hear the end of it?

Well wonder about it no more, because Louis went on The Tonight Show a couple nights ago, and in chatting with Jay, revealed that there actually is an ending to the story, it just never made it to the movie. And since Louie made that story up himself, at director David O. Russell's urging, he knows exactly what that ending is, and he tells it to Jay in its entirety. I won't spoil it for you except to say that it involves poop (of course), and gives me just a little more affection for Louie. After all, now we're shitting on the movie together. GET IT?!!?

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He's my hero.