I’m Worried That Louis CK Might Break SNL Tomorrow Night

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New York City is still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but the resiliency of the city is showing as we try to get back to the regular routine even as people are still struggling without power or running water. The New York City Marathon is still scheduled to take place this Sunday, even though many subways are still limited or not running as of today, and Saturday Night Live will be airing as scheduled as well, with host Louis C.K. and musical guest Fun. So good for SNL, first of all. I'm sure there are some people who disagree with me, but I think it's important to get back to the routine as soon as possible so we can all move forward. I actually went to an improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea on Tuesday night, the day after the hurricane. It was 150 blocks from my apartment and in a largely blacked-out zone, but it was a full crowd, so I have firsthand experience that New Yorkers know how to rally.

SO ANYWAY. Louis C.K. Let's talk about him, because I don't know how this is gonna go. First of all, let me just say that Louis C.K. is amazing. He's funny, talented, creative, entrepreneurial, intelligent, and also polite and humble at the same time — when I took his order once, at the restaurant where I work, he was really understanding about the fact that I was clearly pooping my pants with excitement at the same time. Which I thought was nice of him. BUT. For all those reasons, I'm worried he's gonna break SNL. He's not some coked-up celebrity who's just gonna crappily read lines past Fred Armisen‘s face while he distracts the camera with his gaudy drag. Nor is he a talented dramatic actor who never does comedy who will at least provide shock value while he says ‘poopy farts' in the Queen's English.

No, Louis is a legit comedian, actor, writer, editor, and director. He's a…quintuple threat. He's like if Lorne Michaels and Kristen Wiig had a lovechild and then let it be raised by a pack of wolves and Tina Fey. He has a resume longer (if not better) than a few of the show's writers and more than a few of the performers. (He's legitimately my favorite character on Parks and Recreation, and I don't even want to talk about Louie.) Can't we just let him on the show to do every aspect of it? He can write the sketches and act in them and edit the material and release it on his own website for $5 a pop and make himself $5 million. I mean, I love SNL and I really want it to succeed, but with the way the shows have been going so far this season, I'm worried that Louie's literally going to break the machine. He's gonna be like the really hot girl who shows up at the prom, and all of a sudden everyone realizes they've been dancing with lumberjacks in dresses. I'm not saying it won't be amazing, just that I won't want him to leave after. Do you think Kate McKinnon and Jay Pharoah could fashion some sort of elaborate net to keep him around? He could replace Tim Robinson! I don't even like that guy yet!

Plus if they kept Fun. too, they could all leap and dance together in a bounce house until the end of time and I could come visit them with my pet koala and my James McAvoy boyfriend and we could literally re-enact my favorite dream I've ever had. All I'm saying is think about it. And also watch SNL tomorrow night.

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