The Bradley Cooper And Louis CK Coincidence Will Break The Internet And Blow Your Mind

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Bradley Cooper humping Louis CK in American Hustle GIFEveryone please hold onto your valuables and get under your desk for a second, because I think Louis CK might have just broken the internet with an unbelievable coincidence.

Let me explain. He gave a radio interview with Stephen Merchant, and the two of them got to talking about Inside The Actor's Studiowith Louie riffing on the fact that his favorite part is the people in the audience. In his mind — and probably in reality, most of the time — it's a group of students who are desperate to learn the secrets of being famous by the people being interviewed onstage. And also there's a chance they could get their eager little faces on camera too, so that's always a bonus.

But he says what makes him crazy is the fact that you can tell people think they're really gonna make it. Like that kid who asks Sean Penn a question — he's never gonna make it in Hollywood. NEVER.

EXCEPT HE DID. And his name was Bradley Cooper. It's coincidental enough that Bradley is on camera as an audience member on Inside The Actor's Studio, and even more so that he actually asks a question. But if you're wondering which actor answered said question — it was Sean Penn.

Isn't that insane? Like, that's just completely nonsense for my brain to handle. The only way I can potentially even get my head around it is to assume that maybe Louie heard this little tidbit before, like on the set of American Hustle or on the popular website Crushable.com or something, and internalized it. So when he was asked the question, it was right there in his subconscious?

I don't know. I feel like it has to be that, otherwise it will break the coincidence-o-meter and then we'll never know how crazy it is when identical twins separated at birth end up working in the exact same cafe across the country!

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