Lorde’s Little Sister Can Also Sing, Because Some Families Just Get All The Talent

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India Yelich O'Connor Lorde's little sister

Based on how many famous sets of siblings there are in Hollywood these days — the Hemsworths, the Gyllenhaals, the Deschanels, the list goes on and on — I think it's safe to say that some families just hog all the talent. Leave some for the rest of us, why don't you? Case in point: Lorde's little sister India Yelich O'Connor. Once I moved past how weird it was to read that Lorde's sister actually has a last name (and therefore so does Lorde, whose real name is Ella), I listened to her recent singing debut. All I have to say is [gritting my teeth and feeling jealous of a 15-year-old].

This weekend India posted a cover of “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera on Soundcloud and linked to it from her blog Genres of India. And of course she sounds great, because the world isn't fair. Not only is Lorde a 17-year-old musical superstar who talks like a wise old wizard, but her two years younger sister is waiting in the wings with talent of her own. Their mother Sonja Yelich is an award-winning poet as well, just in case you thought the awesomeness had skipped a generation or something.

To me, India's voice sounds very similar to Lorde's. They both have that awesome nonchalance in their voices that says “Yeah, this is my voice. I'm so much cooler than you. Don't mind me while I give you goosebumps.” This isn't as polished a recording as the professional stuff Lorde releases, so there are some rough notes here and there, but clearly musical ability runs in the family. So does looking totally rad, based on India's Soundcloud profile picture, above. I will not be rocking the peplum shirt/cuffed jeans/combat boots/baseball cap/fingerless glove combo any time soon myself because I prefer not to have garbage thrown at me, but India could not look more adorable.

(Photo: Soundcloud)