Lorde Wore Clothes During ‘Royals’ Performance Last Night, Proving Talented Pop Stars Don’t Have To Be Strippers

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Lorde Grammy Nomination Concert CBS 12-6-13

Not only did my girl Lorde receive four Grammy nominations last night, but she also performed live during the nominations concert.  Fully clothed.  We're talking loose-fitting long sleeves and pants, here, guys.  Nary a tongue, butt cheek, pole, nipple, or camel toe to be seen. And she still had the crowd roaring and my eyeballs captivated. I know, I know.  So weird!

If you're not yet convinced pop stars can still give an entertaining performance without dry-humping various objects on stage,  give Rashida Jones‘ commentary on female pop stars a read.  Trust me, it's worth your time (if for no other reason than she dubbed 2013 “Year of the Vagina”). Basically my other favorite, vocal girl Rashida is sick and tired of female pop stars defining their “sexuality” as selling sex for the pleasure of men and not themselves.  And she hates it when pop stars begrudge their “role model” status, because whether they realize it or not, they are.  The financial success of these pop stars depends on their young, impressionable fans.  Who see the singers of their favorite songs grinding, writhing, and squirting whipped cream from their tits instead of focusing on their other positive, womanly attributes.  She says it a lot better than I do, but suffice it to say that Lorde's performance last night really brought Rashida's point home for me.  And before you ram it down my throat in the comments below, please know I feel “slut-shaming” is an overused, derogatory, shallow term.  I don't believe Rashida was doing that.  (Also, every time I mention the phrase “pop stars” in this article, take a drink!)

Back to Lorde.  Lorde is only seventeen so I already know I don't want to see her acting like a stripper, but that's never stopped other teen pop idols from doing just that.  Instead, she focuses on doing what she likes to do.  On what makes her happy.  Not her seventeen-year-old male peers.  Her voice and unique style are more than enough recipe for a great performance and the makings of a solid female role model.  Anything else would just be a distraction for her talent.  Oh, how I hope 2014 will be the “Year of Lorde and Others Like Her.”