Photoshop Vigilante Lorde Strikes Again, Calls Out Magazine For Giving Her A ‘New Nose’

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When Lorde says she's not so into Photoshop, she sticks to it. Nobody airbrushes her acne, gives her a digital nose job, etc., and gets away with it. A few weeks ago she revealed an unretouched photo of herself performing to remind her Twitter fans that “flaws are ok.” Now she's taking to Twitter again to show off new Teen Vogue spread, and she loves the photos, except for the fact that her nose looks a little different than usual.

Here's the backhanded compliment Lorde tweeted yesterday about the magazine:

Yeah, that… looks slightly off. Photoshopping seems to have gotten so out of hand recently that it's like I'm looking at a hyperrealistic painting of a person that the artist just couldn't get exactly right. Like their hand slipped in one or two or fifteen places. If I were in a magazine, I'd of course want some stuff touched up. If there's a booger hanging out of my nose or a huge zit in the middle of my forehead, by all means clean that up. But I'd still prefer to recognize that the person I'm looking at is me and not some creepy plastic cyborg created from random people who look like me and on whom weird avant garde clothes fit perfectly, you know?

Since this is totes Lorde's thing now, when will she finally get her superhero uniform? It'll obviously be all-black and make her skin look even more vampiric, and her weapons will be pre-airbrushing photos of herself that she'll hurl through the windows of magazine offices like throwing stars. And little girls will dress up like her for Halloween and nobody will recognize that it's Lorde because she'll start wearing thick-framed glasses in real life and why isn't Hollywood making this into a movie already? Tick tock.