Props To Lorde For Twitter Shaming This Paparazzo She Says Stalked Her

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If you were thinking Lorde had decided to stop acting wise beyond her years and start egging houses and peeing in mop buckets, please direct your attention to the tweets she posted this weekend in which she accuses a paparazzo of stalking her. She identifies the man as Simon Runting, posting a photo of him and a link to his Facebook, claiming she's “scared of him.”

This is the same photographer whom Rihanna called out last year for photographing her through her hotel window when she was performing in New Zealand, posting the photo to her Instagram with the caption: “I hate these ni**** more than the Nazi.” Lorde also called Runting out for this incident, posting the Rihanna photos yet taking a classier approach to the issue:

Lorde continued posting the man's photo along with captions like “this should not be an accepted standard for young women or anyone in this industry,” and “i refuse to stay complicit and i refuse to stay passive about men systematically subjecting me to extreme fear.” She doesn't go into detail about exactly what the photographer did to make her so uncomfortable, but it was clearly bad enough for her to feel the need to take action, and I say props to that.

The paparazzi are a tricky issue in the celebrity world, because on the one hand we want to say it “comes with the territory,” as Lorde herself even points out. But on the other hand, celebrities are still people who want to go about their lives in peace, and it's clear that often these photographers totally overstep their bounds in terms of privacy, respect and personal safety. Take Kristen Bell's account of being called the C-word by a photographer for not rolling down her window for a good shot.

The other issue is that, as mature as Lorde has shown herself to be, she's still only 17 years old, and the idea of a young woman feeling scared because a grown man is allegedly stalking her to get a photograph is upsetting. If more celebrities speak out about that kind of treatment, maybe we can get closer to putting regulations in place that prevent these scary situations.

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