Lorde Wants You To Stop Listening To ‘Royals,’ May Need Someone To Explain To Her How Music Works

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Lorde Wants You To Stop Listening To  Royals  May Need Someone To Explain To Her How Music Works Lorde Royals gif

Oh Lorde, you mysterious immortal sorceress. You love to keep us guessing, don’t you? First you apply acne cream to make us believe you’re an actual human teenager, and now you’re saying you don’t want us to listen to your hit song “Royals,” as if the whole point of music isn’t to listen to it in the first place? Excuse me while I crank up “Royals” like the rebel that I am and try to make some sense out of this.

Lorde tells V magazine in a recent interview that she wants her song taken off the radio so people can have some space from her before she releases new music, saying, “I want to let people stop hearing Lorde on the radio all the time, because it’s kind of crazy at the moment.” She adds, “I’d like to give people a little bit of breathing room before I unleash something different.”

I’m sure she just thought she was being modest, but sometimes it’s best to just be appreciative of your success and go with the flow. It’s okay to own your accomplishments as long as it doesn’t turn into arrogance. Popular songs get listened to a lot. That’s kind of the point of the music industry. And it’s not like “Royals” has been that long. I didn’t know Lorde existed a year ago.

If Lorde’s worried about overexposure, I think she can retreat from the spotlight by taking her time with her next album or cutting back on the number of interviews she does. That in itself will cause the “Royals” fever to die down on its own. If you ask me, she should take her cues from Adele. I still hear “Rolling in the Deep” and “Set Fire to the Rain” all over the place, because they’re fabulous, but Adele’s remained mysterious enough that everyone’s waiting with bated breath for her next album. We don’t have to totally block an artist out before we can appreciate the new stuff they have to offer, especially when they’re 17 and just starting.

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