Lorde Shares A Photo Of Her Acne Regimen, Proving She Might Be A Human Teenager After All

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We've all had serious suspicions about Lorde actually being 500 years old and keeping herself looking young by bathing in the blood of all the fellow pop stars who've criticized her, right? Call her a vampire (we have), call her a witch, call her a Kris Jenner. Whatever she is, it can't be human and it can't be 17 years old. She's simply too wise and too talented and frankly too terrifying. I wouldn't blame you if you kept a clove of garlic in your pocket at all times just in case you crossed paths with her.

But there's now photo proof that Lorde might actually be both a mortal human and a teenager. Last night she shared the above photo to Instagram, captioning it, “in bed in paris with my acne cream on.” That's right. Acne. The thing that homo sapiens in their teens are known for struggling with. This isn't to say that no immortal being has ever woken up with a whitehead on picture day or that adults don't struggle with zits. It's just another clue to add to the “human adolescent” column on your Lorde conspiracy theory chart. We all have those, right? Maybe we can meet up one day and compare notes.

With all that said, it is nice to see a celebrity actually willing to show a truly makeup-free selfie that actually reveals a few flaws. The whole no-makeup selfie trend can be exhausting in general (you're so brave, I get it), but when the celeb actually looks like a real person, it can make those of us who reapply concealer and secretly test out the toothpaste-on-the-face trick feel a little better about ourselves. So thanks, Lorde. I'm still not 100% convinced you're who you say you are, but this helps. Much like you're not afraid to look like Gollum when you perform, this just proves you're all about what's on the inside counting. Is what's on the inside magic fairy dust? Please just tell me what you are!