Further Proof That Lorde Is Cooler And Also More Mature Than You

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lorde i just speak my mind a lot

Before you get all riled up, you should probably know this isn't another “Lorde is in a feud with so-and-so” kind of post.  No, because she's too cool for that.  I say that without one ounce of facetiousness, mind you, because she's just incredibly mature.  She also wants you to know that she's so over you and your pot-stirring, and that the irony of “Royals” is not lost on her now that it's sold over 4 million copies and is officially a Grammy-nominated song.

“Is that an odd thing?  I’ve always written and read and that’s been a part of me that’s super important. And it’s a really good outlet for me to be able to say whatever I’m thinking and whatever it is that I’m trying to process. So I don’t think it’s too weird. And I also think people my age these days . . . with the Internet, you know, you can be making beats out of your bedroom and be a superstar.”

Because most pre-teens I know aren't writing deep, profound lyrics to original songs because they're usually too busy shopping for crop-tops and furry boots, I think it is an odd thing that Lorde was writing music and basically plotting ways to change the world.  Though she definitely has a point – I mean, how many teenagers have their own YouTube channels because they're convinced they're one warbled version of “Baby” away from being the next Justin Bieber?

Sometimes I forget this girl is only seventeen, and then I read about her calling David Guetta “gross” and I remember all of the immature ways I insulted people at her age.  That being said, Lorde doesn't feel a need to defend herself and her “feuds” because she blames other people (aka the media and people like me) for trying to position her as the “anti-other things that are happening right now.”  What she doesn't realize is that we want her to be the “anti-other things” because we need someone like that right now.  Someone young, smart, and relevant that young girls (and boys) can listen to out of respect.

She's also really good at throwing shade in the most mature, non-specific-to-any-one-artist kind of way:

“My kind of interest in making music was born out of this desire to hear something that I hadn’t yet heard.  I guess it was never really going to be interesting for me to do something that had been done a lot of times.”

I guess all I can really say is…LORDE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

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