Lorde Calls David Guetta ‘Gross’, So I Guess Feuding Is Kinda Her Thing

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Lorde performing at a showcase in Berlin September 2013I really like Lorde. I think she makes amazing music and I love the fact that even though she's only sixteen, she has a really clear idea of who she is as a person and is willing to stand up for herself if necessary. BUT. There's a line between defending yourself and deliberately starting feuds with other artists, and I feel like she's getting dangerously close to crossing it.

Lorde was doing an interview with the Australian publication FasterLouder, when her manager Scott Maclachlan mentioned that David Guetta would like to feature her on his next album. Apparently he was a fan of Lorde's even before ‘Royals' became a hit, and he asked his people to put in a request for a collaboration with her. But instead of refusing politely or asking to discuss it with her manager some time not in the middle of a magazine interview, Lorde responds right then and there:

 “No. Fuck no. He’s so gross.”

Ohhhhkay girl, c'mon. I'm not particularly crazy about David Guetta either, but what could he possibly have done in this situation that you find so repulsive? He wanted to work with you — if you're not interested in that, all you have to say is no. Or even ‘no thank you', if you're feeling particularly polite that day. But to call him gross in front of a reporter who you know is gonna write that up is pretty unnecessary, right? We can all agree on that?

It's just starting to seem like feuding is a big part of Lorde's M.O. She said that thing about Taylor Swift not being the greatest role model for girls, which we can't help but agree with, and she refused to back down after Selena Gomez called her a bad feminist, which was awesome. But at what point does it stop being impressive and start being petty?

It feels like the same thing we went through with Taylor Swift writing all those songs about her exes. It started out with everyone feeling like she was empowering herself, because these guys had mistreated her and she was standing up for herself, but then the tides turned because it started to feel like she was selling out her relationships as a petty way to sell records.

All I'm saying is it's a slippery slope between being a bad-ass and an asshole, Lorde. So tread carefully. Please.

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