Lorde Went To Her First Basketball Game Last Night And Live-Tweeted Her Adorable Confusion

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I spend way too much of my time trying to determine if Lorde is a mortal human. Sometimes there's simply no way she's not a vampire, other times I'm charmed by what a normal teenager she is. Then still other times she's hanging out with Taylor Swift and I can't decide what she is through my irrational annoyance. Last night Lorde went to a Bulls game, which was presumably her first experience with basketball. I'm making this assumption based on the live-tweets she sent during the game, which ranged from stress to confusion to amazement. It was adorable and funny, but it didn't really help me in deciding the status of her mortality.

She started by expressing just how overwhelmed by the whole thing she was. In this case, we are all Lorde. Well, at least I am. Sports make me nervous.

Even though she was thoroughly perplexed by the situation, Lorde still expressed her support for everyone playing. I think usually with these games you're supposed to choose a side to root for, but I love that she just feels so proud of them all.

Most people would describe this situation by saying, “Look at those cheerleaders dancing around in those little outfits!” But this is how possible non-human Lorde describes it.

Then suddenly the whole thing turned into a circus.

And no celebrity basketball experience would be complete without Lorde getting caught in the middle of a kiss cam smooch.

If you're wondering what Lorde looked like when they caught her on camera, look no further than the above Instagram photo, which she shared herself last night with the captioned, “*turns red*.” So what's the consensus, guys? Is she a relatable non-sports-fan we want to steal away from T-Swift and befriend? Or was she sent here from another planet to dazzle us with her musical abilities and study our strange customs? YOU DECIDE. Either way, I still want to be her friend. Alien friends are so in right now.