Lorde Posted A Pre-Photoshop Picture To Remind Us That Flaws Are Okay

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Lorde you can call me queen b GIF(via)

Did someone send Lorde here as my own personal fairy godmother? As a witchy little conscience to sit on my shoulder and whisper reminders that the magic was inside me the whole time? You can say so if you did, because she's doing a great job.

Last night, as if she was doing something totally normal, Lorde posted two photos of herself at a recent performance. As she pointed out in the text, one had been Photoshopped to give her perfect skin, and the other had been left as-is:

Who — I'm asking you — WHO already taught this girl that flaws are okay, at the age of seventeen? There was no way my brain was open to that knowledge until at least…twenty-five? Thirty? I don't know if I'm even totally there yet, so I'll let you know when it sinks in.

But not only is Lorde okay with us seeing her imperfect skin, she's actually the one pointing it out. I can't tell you how many photos I ruined as a teenager by trying to hide my braces behind my hand or put my entire head of hair over my face, or charmingly pose with a sweater up to my ears because I had a pimple or eight.

I mean c'mon, those behaviors continue to this day for most of us. I'm pretty sure that's why Instagram filters were invented, so we could all photograph ourselves and our food under the kind of Madonna lighting that makes us look like featureless Voldemorts.

I'm not quite ready to surrender my prized Toaster and Earlybird filters just yet, but I'm more than ready to start a slow clap for this teenager ballsy enough to own her flaws in a major way. Props to you girl. I'm impressed.