Check Out Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Bruce Willis Impression In The Looper Trailer

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Looper trailer Joseph Gordon-Levitt Bruce Willis impression makeup prosthetics time travel mafiaWith each trailer I see of Looper, the more I like it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has found a great movie niche of wearing nice suits and being quietly badass; here he goes from scaling the walls in Inception to playing a mafia hitman who efficiently kills the unfortunate folks who get sent back in time to meet the barrel of his gun. But he gets the surprise of his life when his latest victim is the older version of him: Bruce Willis.

We already know that Joseph sat through hours in the makeup chair getting fitted with prosthetics to make him look more like Bruce. And yes, there's a physical resemblance. But how about the rest of the illusion? Can Joseph pull off the squint and gravelly voice we associate with the Die Hard star? I'd say yes.

But of course, just because he can walk the walk and talk the talk doesn't mean that he stands a chance against this franchise action star. Multiple times in the trailer we see Bruce just own Joseph, from knocking him out at a diner to their very first meeting, where he handily dispatches the kid. And yet, that's where the movie's fun is just beginning. What also has the geek in me intrigued is the convoluted time travel plot. Joseph asks, “Have you done this already, as me?” and it's a valid question—he wants to know if he had the balls to kill himself. But if he did, then why is older Bruce Willis there in the first place?

God, I love movies that fuck with your head. It's no surprise that after Christopher Nolan‘s Inception, Joseph turned to this. Looper comes to theaters on September 28th, which happens to be my birthday; I may have to celebrate by watching these two grapple. (And don't forget about Jeff Daniels as Joseph's haggard boss and Emily Blunt as his washed-out love interest.)

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