Celebrity Lookalikes: Unfortunate Comparisons

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Being a celebrity means being more attractive than 90 percent of the people in the world. Unfortunately, sometimes that other 10 percent is as well-known as you are, but for a little less savory reasons.

Jeremy Sisto And Joe Francis

Though he's usually the one catching sleazebags like Francis on Law & Order, there's no denying that Jeremy Sisto looks like the Girls Gone Wild founder with a beard.
(Images via Getty and AP)

Siobhan Magnus And Amanda Knox

With their cute round faces, winning smiles and little snub noses, the difference between American Idol contestant and convicted murderer is slight at best.

Danny Wood And Erik Menendez

New Kid On The Block Danny looks so similar to parent-killer Erik Menendez that the two might be brothers. Fortunately for Danny, they're not.