The Longest-Running TV Shows Still On The Air

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If television shows can win awards for how long they've been on air, viewers should then earn awards for watching the whole time. It is actually amazing how many shows have been on for multiple decades. Sesame Street and General Hospital have been entertaining us on TV for half a century! Can you believe how good Big Bird still looks after all of these years? General Hospital is close to surpassing their 14,000 episode mark and about to be the longest-running drama of all time.

Just some good ol' logistics: this list consists only of shows that are currently still on the air and shows that are based in the United States. No news (sports, entertainment, international/domestic) programming is included in the list. Daytime and nighttime talk shows are also not included, as they often change hosts and formatting entirely. However, credit is due to Meet the Press and CBS Evening News for both being on for almost 70 years now!