The 20 Longest-Running Broadway Shows Of All Time

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Who doesn’t love a good Broadway show? If they weren’t popular, Broadway national tours wouldn’t be a thing! These shows, whether they’re musicals or serious plays, are a wonderful source of entertainment for those who travel to New York City. While some shows last for only a season or two, others have been going strong for over 20 years. It is easy to assume that Cats is the longest-running musical after it debuted in 1992. While it had a strong run for two decades, there are two other shows that come before it on this list.

Like TV shows and movies of the past, Broadway shows can make a comeback. In fact, it is a popular thing that happens in the theater world. Some Broadway shows have been revived a handful of times, not just once. Only a small portion of shows on this list are still on their original run from their very first show day. Just some logistics here: all of the Broadway shows on this list are based in New York and it's not just years running that are factored, but also the number of performances as a whole.