17 Extra-Long Movies That Are Actually Worth Your Time

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There are lots of questions being asked about modern films. One of the big ones is “Why is there a wage gap between the top paid actors and actresses?” The other biggie is, “When are they going to stop remaking films and producing sequels and just come up with some original ideas?” Another one we're starting to hear more of us, “When did movies get so long?”

The question was asked with the release of Blade Runner 2049, which clocks in at two hours and 44 minutes. And it was echoed in numerous action movies before. It seems there's a trend to push the three-hour mark. And it seems that movies might be getting longer to try to cram in as many CGI effects as possible, but longer features aren't a new thing. Even the golden days of Old Hollywood had some lengthy movies.

The key thing is separating the movies that are worth our time and ones that aren't. Because our time is precious and there are lots of things we could do in 180 minutes. That's why we broke down the 17 extra-long movies that are actually worth your time to watch.