7 Olympians We Will Still Talk About Even Though The Games Are Over

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Once you've got a meme going viral, you know you've made it big on the Internet. Once you tweet a no-makeup-but-you-still-look-perfect-and-everyone-writes-blog-posts-about-it Instagram pic, you've officially made it to the big leagues. Forget Olympic gold, these big leagues are the ones where every third person you run into either is or has dated a Kardashian, leagues that secretly worship at the altar of Bieber, just wishing they could start a trending topic that quickly.

McKayla Maroney is one of the Olympians to come out of these games with one gold medal, one silver disappointment, and a hell of a lot more people knowing her name than before.

The other day I typed in McKayla Maroney on Twitter and was flooded by countless 140-character proclamations of how hot and sexy she is. Huh? The girl vaults better than anyone you've ever seen, seems very sweet, has a rock hard bod, and makes a great unimpressed face, but sexy? That I'm not seeing. And that's when I knew — the Olympics may be over, but McKayla Maroney isn't going anywhere.

In most cases, the Olympics mark the one time in four years when we, the general public, say “Hey, these guys that have been toiling in obscurity for the past four years ain't half bad!” And then the games end, and the athletes are thrown back into the world of 24/7 training and anonymity, with only the memories of that beautiful Olympic Village orgy to sustain them at night.

But for some, these Olympic games have kick started a career in the spotlight, whether they like it or not. Who are these Olympilebs, and what do you need to know? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

(Photos: London2012 and Twitter @alyraisman)