Attention Music Lovers: The Offical Lollapalooza Line-Up And Schedule Is Now Online

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Attention Music Lovers  The Offical Lollapalooza Line Up And Schedule Is Now Online lollapalooza sign jpg

Guess the music gods helped create Lollapalooza’s line-up for this summer because it’s jam-packed with all different kinds of great music.  I was lucky enough to attend the music festival last year and it was fricken’ awesome!  Not only did I love being able to make “Abe Froman: Sausage King of Chicago” jokes, but thanks to Cage The Elephants, “Shake Me Down”, I experienced a moment I will never forget.

Being music-festival-timers, we obviously thought it was necessary to pack a tarp.  Sadly for the tarp, it stayed wrapped up all weekend — until it had its shining moment when it started to downpour during Cage The Elephant’s set.  As my friends and I took refuge under the tarp, more and more people started joining us in our safe haven…which eventually led to me being pushed out into the rain.  Something I’m still slightly bitter about a year later.

But, I do have the tarp to thank for allowing us to make some fellow music festival friends, who graciously gave us tons of free wine and beer for our service.  Moments like that make me super jealous of everyone who has the sold-out tickets for this years festival!

Lollapalooza will be having some of my favorite bands this year like The Black Keys, FUN., Childish Gambino, Jack White, Florence + The Machine and The Shins,  Click here for the full line-up.

So, for everyone going, I hate you.  And for everyone who is not going,  join me and watch the live Youtube stream all weekend of August 3rd.