Lola, The Osbournes’ Bulldog, Dead At Age 12

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Sad news this week from everyone's favorite rock and roll reality TV family that is not the Simmonses. Lola Osbourne, beloved bacon eater, carpet soiler, and makeout partner, has died at the age of 12. But don't be sad! That's like, 84 in dog years, and she lived a better life than most humans.

The news broke Monday via Jack Osbourne‘s twitter, and was subsequently picked up yesterday by TMZ:

Since then, there's been an outpouring of Twitter support for the grieving family. Remembrances posted by fans include “will always remember her puking next to your swimming pool. such a princess” and “Lola was my fave out of all the dogs, she will be missed loads!! Think alien turd episode needs watching tonight!!”

Lola was so touched by all of this that she accessed her Twitter account from beyond the grave to say “Thank you ALL for your kind words. I'm in a better place now. Heaven needs a new princess : )”

Join with me now in remembering the beautiful soul that was Lola: the table scraps she ate, the naps she took and the lives she touched.

(Via TMZ)