Art Really Imitates Life For Miley Cyrus And Demi Moore In The LOL Trailer

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Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, and actors from LOL

I feel like we've been hearing about Miley Cyrus‘ new movie LOL for a while now, but it's crazy timing for the first trailer to actually hit. See, Miley's character Lola — “all my friends call me LOL,” gag — is a rebellious teen lashing out by experimenting with drugs, failing classes, and asking her guy friend to have sex with her so she'll get the whole virgin thing over with. It sounds a lot like the ex-Disney star trying to change her goody-goody image by coming out as a stoner and snapping semi-nude photos.

And then there's Demi Moore as Lola's oblivious mom… who's dealing with a divorce from Lola's dad. Considering Demi's breakup with her younger husband Ashton Kutcher, you can't get much more meta than that. (Unless there's a subplot about Lola's mom having to change her Twitter handle! Hey, for a movie about technology, there's as good a chance as any.)

Ironically, there was supposed to be a scene where Lola smokes pot, but after Miley was caught smoking salvia, the producers were afraid that the scandal would have a negative impact on LOL. But because they couldn't reshoot the scene, according to an insider, they're using “tricky editing and effects magic, they are erasing all traces of her inhaling or being in the same shot with the actor.”

The movie also stars Ashley Greene as Lola' pal and Austin Nichols as a hunky teacher; there's no release date yet.