Lohan Dating Leto

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Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto are doing more than shooting a movie. They’re dating! OMG, I used to just drool over Jared when I was in highschool. He can perhaps ride Lindsay’s coattails back into the limelight. I am all for that.

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Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto have tried to keep their relationship secret but close friends claim they are now ready to go public with their romance. They were seen out together on Saturday at NYC’s Bungalow 8, where they celebrated Lindsay’s new album, Confessions of a Broken Heart. Last month Lindsay had been spotted wearing his autograph on her foot. Our source reports that their night at Bungalow 8 was interrupted when a group of drunken revellers sat on the table next to them and got involved in a heated argument, which threatened to turn ugly. But Jared grabbed hold of one the guys, pinning him up against a wall to calm him down until security arrived.

Well, we always new Leto was a man’s man. Very protective of his ladies.

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