5 Facts About Prometheus Star (And Tom Hardy Lookalike) Logan Marshall-Green

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Logan Marshall-Green Prometheus Charlie Holloway Trey The OC Tom HardyWith all the viral marketing and interviews about Ridley Scott‘s sci-fi horror film Prometheus, I kept hearing the name Logan Marshall-Green without ever knowing who he was. Because of course the major starpower in this film is Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Noomi Rapace. Then I saw a photo of Logan and realized—it's Trey from The OC! I never thought I'd see that guy again after he suffered perhaps the most traumatic shooting in the 2004-2005 TV season.

But here he is in Prometheus as archaeologist Charlie Holloway, bringing the necessary bravado and skepticism to a movie about alien pseudo-gods. It's a character who runs the gamut from goofy to terrified to heroic, and definitely a step up from Trey. So, taking a fresh look at Logan Marshall-Green, what should you know?

1. The Prometheus folks cast Logan after seeing him perform Off-Broadway in New York City. Most likely it was in 2010 after he appeared in Adam Rapp‘s The Hallway Trilogy, a series of plays about the same NYC tenement set fifty years apart. The New York Times describes Logan's disturbing role in the third play and even offers some praise:

The audience is cast as visitors who have come to watch a volunteer, Lloyd Boyd (Logan Marshall-Green, deserving an actor’s equivalent of the Purple Heart), be infected with various pathogens, including the Black Death and cholera — particularly fun, with Lloyd vomiting while writhing in pain from diarrhea on the toilet.

Onstage, he's also played an anthropomorphic shark, Beethoven in the dark Peanuts spoof Dog Sees God, and received a Drama Desk Award in 2004. He's come a long way from this overdramatic season finale:

2. He's on Twitter, albeit unverified, and fairly active. It's obvious he still keeps in touch with his The OC co-stars, as he was recently wishing Melinda Clarke and Navi Rawat happy birthdays; he also expressed his love for the thriller show The River, exhorting his followers to watch the show. He also expressed his distaste with North Carolina — he was born in Charleston, South Carolina — after the recent Amendment 1 ruling.

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